Posted by: midwestgirl2eastcoastaddress | December 6, 2009

What’s Next?

2009 was the year I consider myself really “born” into social media.  I saw a lot of changing technology – to name a few: Google Wave, Bing search engine (or is it based on the recent outage?), and the use of social media to recruit, market, and collaborate (love this example).  So, what’s next for 2010?  I haven’t seen too many predictions yet, but I do have a few of my own…

Augmented Reality. In simple terms: Augmented reality (AR) is the overlaying of digital data in the real world.  For example:  You take your iPhone (or other compatible phone), hold it up in front of a restaurant, and it will show you menu information, restaurant phone number, or even a list of your Facebook friends that happen to be inside the restaurant at that moment.  It’s like taking a real world photo and pulling the web information associated with that object onto your phone.  I thought it was kind of creepy at first, but that is where technology is taking us.  Another example: If you’re in Adams Morgan in D.C. and want happy hour deals on Friday, hold up your phone facing down the row of restaurants/bars and you will see the deals without having to go up to each store front.  Layar is one of the big AR apps out there.

Cross-Platform Experience. This could mean a few things. But what I see is our Facebook profiles (or whatever social media profile) being our e-commerce profile in the future.  Think about it.  You buy items off of eBay, Amazon, or your favorite online retailers and you have to create a profile specific to that site.  It’s annoying after awhile having to remember all of those log-ins and passwords.  I can see the leading social media platforms (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace) teaming with e-commerce retailers and combining our profile into one – with the social media profile being the “host.”  Who can do it first?

And a couple cool gadgets coming in 2010.

For my first gadget…the Power Outlet with built-in USB ports!  Electricity and USB technology finally combine (and for under $10)! This article was the first I heard of this, but I can’t believe the world didn’t do this sooner!

Then, a keyboard for that Gmail addict…the Gboard. This keyboard will help the Gmail user execute common tasks with the push of a button (rather than clicking around). Available for $19.99,

What else do you think is coming in 2010?



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