Posted by: midwestgirl2eastcoastaddress | December 5, 2009

Social Media While…

Throughout the past year (really, the past semester) my interest and knowledge of social media has blossomed.  It’s an integral part of my life now, but I like to think I know where to draw the line.

Mashable’s post on the bride/groom couple that stopped at the altar to tweet AND update their Facebook status during their wedding is an instance of social media users taking it to the extreme.  Yes, I’m sure they were trying to do something memorable and funny like the recent JK wedding entrance dance, but it gave me the opposite reaction. Even Anderson Cooper was turned off by this.  Watch the video.

For me, this post really made me think about how far I will let social media into my personal life.  Someday, will I tweet or update my Facebook status during other important events in my life?  Say while I am waiting in a hospital to give birth?  Or during my Georgetown commencement?  I don’t know, it will have to depend on the moment.

My point (and advice for new social media users) is don’t let social media, like Facebook and Twitter, take over your life and distract you from the people and events that really matter.  The internet is a powerful tool that can connect us to the world, our work, even family and friends.  But don’t ever let it get in the way of living in YOUR moment.



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