Posted by: midwestgirl2eastcoastaddress | December 3, 2009

Response Blog #10 – My Trip to the Kenyan Blogosphere

Sometimes I forget that the internet exists outside of the United States and the English language.  This week’s social media lesson dove into social media and the blogosphere across the globe – Is it the same? Is it different?  To find out, I did a little digging of my own into the Kenyan blogosphere.

After exploring the Kenyan section of Global Voices, a site that links you to the blogospheres of different countries, I found that Kenyan bloggers are blogging about many of the same topics/issues as United States bloggers.  They are expressing their opinion on many social issues such as gay marriage and climate change.  They’ve even become fascinated with how social media is playing a part in sports; maybe not to the extent as the United States and the flurry of interest when it comes to sports teams using social media to promote themselves and even the players want to participate.  Also, the industry leaders have blogging conferences and summit meetings just like we do.

Naturally, I think what drives the differences in the U.S. and Kenyan blogospheres are the specific issues that each country faces.  The United States has a stronger political arena than Kenya, so you don’t see as many political bloggers.  One issue that Kenya and the African continent faces is the climate and how it affects agriculture.  I found a posting about how the country is on pins and needles waiting for the El Nino rains.  Because the United States has such a diverse climate, I don’t think you would ever see a posting like that.

Like any trip to another country, my time into the Kenyan blogosphere was quite educational.


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