Posted by: midwestgirl2eastcoastaddress | November 18, 2009

Response Blog #9 – Wikipedia – Don’t Be So Skeptical

Wikipedia is probably the most recognizable source of information on the internet.  You can find a page for just about everything – really even “Everything.”  While it has information galore on almost any topic and in several languages, many are still skeptical of the fact that a wiki site can be edited by anyone.  I can somewhat agree because I have been burned by the use of incorrect information found on a wiki site.  Yeah, it stinks when someone calls you out on this misinformation.  However, I still think Wikipedia is an amazing resource of information and that the benefits of far outweigh the cons.  Where else can you find out the small details, like who narrates the famous theme song for Days of Our Lives?

Here are some things that the skeptics out there need to keep in mind…

  • The Experts Are Even Wrong Sometimes.  Hard to believe, but the Encyclopedia Britannica tends to be wrong from time to time.  Believe it or not, but a 12-year old boy found mistakes in this credible source.
  • When In Doubt, Check the Resources and External Links.  According to the Wiki Tutorial, each edit is recommended to have a link or external source attached (see the bottom of the wiki site).  Otherwise, the edits are subject to removal.
  • Discuss It.  Each Wiki page has a Discussion tab (located at the top) where you can discuss or talk about potential edits with other users.  Is there information you think is incorrect?  Discuss it with the person who made the edit.

Again, some Wiki pages can dive into the most detailed information on a topic which can be very useful.  I don’t think Wikipedia should be open to just verified experts because there are common folk like you and me that aren’t quote “experts” but are perfectly capable of contributing meaningful information.  Plus, if we left it to the experts Wikipedia probably wouldn’t be what it is today.



  1. I agree with you Kendra on the note that ordinary people should be allowed to contribute as well. I recently disagreed with this notion but it seems that after going through an intensive tutorial session, learning how to edit the damn entries… it seems that even ordinary people, unless you are truly passionate about the topic… won’t bother editing any entries. Therefore, anyone willing to go through so much work just to make a few edits must have definitive interest in what they want to convey.

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