Posted by: midwestgirl2eastcoastaddress | October 27, 2009

Response Blog #6 – My Second Life as Kallesta Stoanes

Remember the first time that you purchased something online?  And the weird feeling you had in your stomach when you entered your name, credit card, and other personal information?  Thinking, did I just sign my life away?  What is the world coming to?  Am I going get what I expect?

Well, I had a similar feeling this evening as I explored my first massive multi-player online game, or MMOG.  Apparently, MMOGs have caught on quickly much like online shopping.  Even the U.S. Army is using them to train and  recruit new soldiers.  I did not have to enter my credit card information, but I had the weird feeling as I created my identity as Ms. Kallesta Stoanes in the game of Second Life.

A Look at Second Life

Second Life, created in 2003, is (apparently) one of the most popular MMOGs.  It’s a free program that enables users to interact with each other.  Residents can explore, meet other residents, socialize (via online chatting – like Instant Messenger services), participate in individual and group activities, trade virtual property with one another, or travel throughout the world.  You can live the life you always wanted to live, or one that you always imagined.  There is even a version for teens called Teen Second Life.

So, my first day as Kallesta Stoanes was interesting.  I had to create my name: Kallesta is an abbreviated version of a family name, and Stoanes was one of the last names that the system gave me to choose from.  Then I had to pick my look which I can “pay” to change later.  Once I was dropped into my world, I had to learn how to walk and talk with the rest.  I even got “hit on” by a guy named Buzz.  He was pretty cute.  Maybe he’ll ask “me”, or Kallesta, out.  I figured that was enough for one day.

Once again I’m thinking, what is this world coming to? This isn’t like the Super Mario Brothers games that I learned to know and love.  I just don’t get “it” – meaning MMOGs.  I’ve said this all before.  Will I be wrong about this too?


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