Posted by: midwestgirl2eastcoastaddress | October 10, 2009

Response Blog #4 – Digging Deep in the Litter

Everyone has their own unique hobbies, whether you live in the Midwest or on the East Coast.  What this Midwest Girl didn’t realize was how many other people around the world have similar interests AND share their experiences, photos, and advice through the avenues of social media.

It’s no surprise to me how much cat owners love and adore their feline friends.  I can relate.  Life would not be right without my three black and white tuxedo kitties – Reesies, Ramona, and Ramses (lives with my parents back in the Midwest).  What I am surprised by is how many websites are centered around cats (in general), but also specific to the tuxedo cat population.  There are several cat owners out their creating sites, blogging about their cats, and even using pictures of their cats to get a date.  (No offense to any reader that already does this.)

Here’s the best of what I found…and I didn’t have to dig too deep…  Probably the best overall website for cat owners. You can do everything from join discussion forums, adopt a pet, get links to cat blogs, and even create a webpage for your own cat.

The Cat’s Meow:  One of the blogs you can get to from  Hysterical!  I loved today’s blog about Cody the black and white tuxedo cat who survived his ride from Dallas to Chicago while taped up in a UPS box!  This is the MySpace for cat lovers.  Post your pics, videos, and stories about your cats.  Online dating site for pet owners looking to match their pets, themselves, or both!  Create a profile for you and / or your pet in hopes of finding your purrfect companion.

Now getting specific to Tuxedo Cat lovers…

Facebook Groups:  Type in “Tuxedo Cats” in the FB search bar and it will return 38 Fan Groups (as of today) that you can join – all specific to Tuxedo Cat lovers!

Tuxedoganghideout:  Blog with stories and news specific to tuxedo cats.  If you post your tuxedo’s name, “birthday”, and photo, and they will give them a special blog shout out on their birthday.

So the lesson here is there is a community for every interest – no matter how weird or unique it is!  Yes, there are others out there like YOU!

Since my unique interest is black and white tuxedo cats, this blog entry would not be complete with out some photos of my tuxedo trifecta!


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