Posted by: midwestgirl2eastcoastaddress | October 6, 2009

Response Blog #3 – Bill of Rights for Social Media?

After all this talk of Social Media and putting your personal thoughts, photos, etc. out on the internet – Do you think the United States needs a Bill of Rights for social web, or social media? That is the question that my East Coast Social Media professors posed to this Midwest Girl.

My answer is “No” and here are the three reasons why I don’t think the United States needs a Bill of Rights to govern what goes on in the world of social media.

1.  Just a Bill of Rights for the United States? First, I do not see how a United States Bill of Rights for social media could be implemented and enforced.  Simply impossible.  Social media networks like Facebook and Twitter have spanned far past the boarders of the United States.  In my mind, the Bill of Rights would have to apply to all users of social media across the globe to serve its purpose of protecting users, not just users in the United States.

2.  “I Agree to These Terms and Conditions.” If a Bill of Rights is implemented for social media, what happens to the agreements that the social media users signed up to when they activated their respective accounts – whether it be on Flickr, Delicious, or any of the other social networks?  I am not an advocate for companies taking people’s personal information and using it for wrong-doing, but I am against a third party infringing on the agreements between two other parties.  Let the users, or future users, read through the terms and conditions and decide if a social media sight is good for them.

3.  Mothers Know Best..and so Do Our Fathers.  I am sure all would agree that our Founding Fathers would never have imagined what the world would be like today – especially with the development of the internet and social media.  However, I think their words and their motives were wise and we should leave it to the system to interpret the current law and apply it accordingly to social media cases.

…all of this coming from a relatively new, yet responsible social media user (so I think) who has not been bitten in the butt by social media yet.  Knock on wood.

What are your thoughts?


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